Let's move our body to move our minds

E-Kids “Spanish Through Movement” is a unique method that combines language and movement. But, what do we mean by ‘movement’?

Activities such as jumping, running, throwing, catching, balancing and co-ordination, also known as Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are movement patterns that provide the basis of physical literacy.

Physical activity aids development and opens the doors to the cognitive, communicative and emotional world.

By using the Spanish language we inspire children to explore their body and to help them to be more skillful in life. We use active play and imaginative games to reinforce their creative side while gaining confidence with the Spanish language.


qualified teachers

Our team is fully qualified with lots of previous experience in nurseries or schools. 

We are all native speakers and DBS Checked. Safeguarding and First Aid trained.

fun and sociable

A happy playful moment is the most precious gift that we can offer to our little ones.

Purposeful play engrained in our method is the basis for cognitive development and the opportunity to bond with others.

promoting wellbeing

Physical play activities benefit physical health, motor control, strength and endurance. Effective emotion control benefits mental health.

Active children have healthier heart function and stronger bones.


The benefits of our classes:

Children who are actively learning a second language learn faster and easier, have improved problem solving skills and creativity. Children with a second language will have educational advantage. 


Bilingual kids not only develop better communication and reading skills or cognitive development, they also grow with a native accent.


improve social skills

We promote social interaction in our lessons. Whilst playing together, our children will learn to cooperate, follow instructions and develop self-control.

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cultural advantage

Children who learn a second language find easier to connect with other cultures which makes them more open-minded and tolerant of diversity